About Us

Belles Bouclettes fibre begins its journey to you here, on our family farm, located in Vankleek Hill, Eastern Ontario, Canada.

Les Belles Bouclettes Mohair comes from our own herd. And it is from the beautiful fleeces of our Angora goats that we get our name: Belles for beautiful and Bouclettes for the curly locks our fabulous goats grow. 

The goats proved to be entertaining, fun, and full of surprises.

Since llamas make excellent guardian animals we still have llamas ... and seeing a large llama tolerate being teased, crawled over and pounced on by tiny goat kids is a sight which amazes and amuses the family every year.

The goats' sweet and mischievous personalities are a constant pleasure. Hearing the sound of the kids and their mothers soft voices as they call to each other drifting through the open windows in the spring and summer nights;  to watching a full grown goat attempting to climb a tree (to eat its leaves) makes being around them a sheer delight! 

Of course while they are charming us with their tricks our goats are growing thick fleeces, a  tangible demonstration of their good health and happy home life. 

Growing those lovely mohair fleeces is the first step in our fibres' journey to you, and we stay involved with it through every stage.

After shearing we select the best of the fleeces. 

Some are hand washed and sold to you as locks. 

Others are sent to the Canadian mills we have carefully chosen to work with.  

There they are processed into rovings, 

spun into yarn 

, and a small portion are made into finished items.

When it is listed for sale we are confident that it is high-quality, frequently one of a kind, and always a product in which we can take pride.

All of us at Belles Bouclettes believe in supporting local and Canadian businesses. The majority of our products are grown, made or finished on our farm. Whenever possible we buy from and work with Canadian companies, and often use local businesses in our eastern Ontario community. When you buy one of Belles Bouclettes products you know you truly are buying a product that is made in Canada . 


Les Belles Bouclettes, like our farm is a family business. The whole family participates in different ways, at different stages of our inventories production; from providing animal care 

(milking goat)

(a summer hair cut around the eyes) 

( bottle feeding our kid Coeur) 

and fibre preparation, to making items for sale

and the final steps of packaging 

and marketing our products. 

The farm needs care all year round: however, each season brings its own fibre chores. During winter, we sort the fibres we will send to the mills. 

In spring, there is kidding (baby goats being born) 

and the first shearing when the animals have their fleece's cut. 

Summer is the season of preparation. Our quality products are made to be sold in the upcoming shows. 

Autumn is our extra busy season with the second shearing

 and  selling our products at the Christmas and Craft shows. 

We hope that you have enjoyed meeting us and that you come to visit our site often!  Please feel free to tell your friends and family about us.

Ways to stay in touch!

To chat with us and let us know what you are interested in please join us on From Goats To Soaps  Crafting Creations On The Farm, our blog, where we look forward to getting to know you better! Here we share news about our latest creative processes, tidbits of information, answer questions about our products and how they are made and  post how to articles for you to use in your own creative adventures.  Adventures we hope you'll tell us all about!

If you would like more information, or if you have questions, comments or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us 


Isabelle Perdigal, Jacques Morin and our 4 children:  Dominique, Denis, Sophie and Fanny