Enjoy A Little Natural Luxury! Pamper Your Skin!


  • Hand-made soap encased in felted mohair and/or alpaca fibr
  • Each has a decorative design. Designs and colours vary.
  • Contains luxury, skin conditioning avocado oil and is scented with pure essential oils.
  • Weight: 100 g+ Water is used in the felting process so weight can vary.
  • Each soap comes to you attractively packaged in a gift bag tied with a satin ribbon. Colours and patterns may vary.

Discover our natural soap wrapped in our alpaca and mohair fibre! Your soap comes to you in its very own velvety soft washcloth!
(The soap is hand-made in small batches by Hand-Crafted Delights here in Vankleek Hill. Then we felt It by hand using Belles Bouclettes' own alpaca and mohair rovings.)
To find out more about how we choose our ingredients and the properties they give our soap please checkout the following posts on our blog From Goats To Soap:
  • What makes our soap gentle and moisturizing!

  • About Felted Soap

    How does it work?  By the time the bar is covered in a layer of soft felted alpaca and/or mohair the fibre has been thoroughly infused with soap.  When you wash with your felt-soap the felt acts as a gentle exfoliating cloth. 
    How is it done? Each bar is wrapped in alpaca and/or mohair fibre.Then using water the fibre is felted by hand. During this process the soap permeates the fibre, and the fibre bonds with the bar of soap, ... in effect  forming a wash cloth.  After the soap has been completely encased in fibre, a felted decoration is attached by a dry felting process (needle felting), creating an original final product that will last two to three times longer than an average bar of soap.
    And after? When you have used your felted soap you will be left with a small fragrant piece of felt.  You can use this felt as a sachet to scent a drawer; make a pet toy or other small felt item with it, or put it in the compost.

    Properties of our hand-made natural Goat's Milk soap's ingredients

    Each small, hand-made batch of our soap is created using unprocessed farm fresh goat's milk. While the tradition of using milk in bathing rituals extends back centuries to the days of Cleopatra, modern research has shown that milk does contain many beneficial components to help keep our skin moisturized and healthy. Goat's milk is gentle and effective, assisting those with skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. It also helps those with healthy skin to keep their lucky skin happy and looking gorgeous!
    Our goat's milk soap is made with avocado oil which is an added touch of luxury and a nutritional treat for your skin.
    When it comes to scenting our soap we only use the best products. Our goat's milk soap is made using high quality phthalate free fragrance oils that provide realistic, long lasting fragrances that are safe and healthy for your skin.

    Our Soaps do NOT contain:

    • Palm Oil

    • Parabens

    • SLS/SLES

    • Petrochemicals

    • Artificial Colours 

    Fragrances available :

    • Baked Apple: Baked apples have one of the most evocative fragrances in a cosy kitchen on a crisp autumn day or cold winter's evening . The sweet fragrance of the  juicy fruit after it has been cooked with cinnamon, a drop of vanilla and speck of butter infolds you in a delicious scent that wraps you in warmth.  Now you can revel in that light fruity aroma at any time! This soap is all you need to be enveloped in a cloud of fragrance redolent of apples, spice and vanilla.
    • Chai Latte: With the addition of milk  to a blend of familiar chai tea spices this soap earns its name.  For a touch of added luxury we’ve slipped cocoa butter into the basic soap formula.  So ... you can enjoy a completely guilt free creamy Chai Latte with a touch of chocolate.  Different chai blends emphasize different spices; the dominant scents in this soap are liquorice and cinnamon.  A delicious way to start your day!  
    • Lilac Lane: Lilac Lane is the incomparable fragrance of fresh lilacs on a late May morning.  Surround yourself in the pure essence of lilac and enjoy being able to take a lovely spring walk any time of year when you bathe with this delicately scented, fragrant soap.
    • Maple Fudge: Whether it brings to mind plates of steaming pancakes with butter melting and mixing into the luscious syrup, or that first taste of spring savoured in a cosy "Cabane à sucre",  the fragrance of our Maple Cream soap brings that same comforting rush.  So Lather up and enjoy the scented steam as it surrounds you with the relaxing homey aroma of maple syrup.
    • Moonlight Blossoms (jasmine): Take a deep breath and saturate your senses in the seductive, softly soothing yet fresh aroma of jasmine.  Feel it transport you to a deliciously perfumed evening in the tropics. You are surrounded by vines heavy with creamy white flowers  cascading over banisters and down walls releasing their heady fragrance into the warm night. 
    • Officers' Club: This scent embodies the essence of a classy, masculine fragrance.    Those who have tested it have immediately associated the scent with James Bond, Gentlemen's clubs, the aroma evocative of the atmosphere after dinner in an expensive establishment.  With notes of cognac and richly fragrant tobacco, hints of leather and wood, this is the perfect scent  for a man to enjoy wearing, and his lady to appreciate!
    • Oriental Smoke (sandalwood): Rich dark amber blended with warm evocative sandalwood come together to create a luxurious scent. As the sentual aromas rise in the steam, inhale the smoky, seductive essences in this complex fragrance, and savour your small, private  glimpse of the mysteries of the Orient.
    • Rain Washed (unscented): Feel  as fresh and bright as the blue sky after spring showers.
    • Spicy Vanilla: Redolent with the warm rich scent of vanilla and blended with cinnamon and a hint of other spices, this is a delicious complex fragrance sure to delight. Relax and be enveloped in this luscious scent that will leave a trace of spice on your skin.
    • Strawberry Fields: The fragrance of sun warmed, freshly picked strawberries is the essence of early summer. It is light and delicious ...  already blended with creamy milk.  Indulge yourself by bathing in the scent of the season.  Smell them: ripe, lusciously sweet, juicy red strawberries!  Help yourself to extra. This treat is calorie free.!
    Soap's ingredients: Cocos Nucifera (coconut oil) , Adeps Bovis (beef tallow), Goat Milk, Persea Gratissima (avocado oil) , Sodium Hydroxide, Parfum

    Revel in a wonderful bathing experience or treat someone special to a memorable gift!

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    Felted Soap: Goat's Milk Soap

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