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Let the celebration be your inspiration! 

Create your own felted soap for Canada's 150th birthday!


  • 1 large plain bar  of our goat's milk soap (approx. 150g)
  • 15 grams of rovings in 2 colours ( White : 10g.  - Red: 5g.)
Felting soap is a project that is quick and easy to set up, enjoyable for everyone, and clean!  You may want to keep it in mind when planning activities with children. It is easy to do in a large group and can be a great choice of crafting project for making presents.  For a full list of  the supplies you will need, along with complete instructions on how to felt soap checkout our soap felting tutorial.  (If you would like to place an order for a group please get in touch with us, custom orders can be arranged.)  

There are ten grams of the first colour, and five of the second (contrast) colour for a total of fifteen grams. Since a bar of our soap usually has approximately ten grams of fibre in it this should give you plenty to play with.  

 ** Is that for a gift? You also may choose to replace your plastic bag by this nice gift box.

Available fragrances :

  • Almond Blossom: Light, fresh and clean, the definitive cherry almond fragrance!

  • Aphrodite’s Rose: Goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite came from the sea, born of the foam, so when drops of the foam fell from her perfect skin onto the earth they took root and blossomed into white roses. Later as she ran to save her lover she scratched herself on the thorn of a rose bush and her blood stained the pure white blossoms deep crimson. So white, pink or red the rose is Aphrodite’s flower!  And in this scent we have the true, exquisite fragrance of a rose! There are no additions, nor are there any added notes ... only the simple complexity of the scent of this beautiful flower of romance and legend. Surely this fragrance is a fitting tribute to the Goddess of Love!

  • Baby Powder

  • Citrus Splash: Light, delicately crisp, based on grapefruit this scent will refresh and cool you on the hottest summer day!

  • Country Morning: Soft And Fresh! Take a deep breath, inhale the light fragrance of sunshine and early morning. On the breeze floats the clean warm scents of fresh milk, honey, and is that just a hint of vanilla? Give yourself a treat, indulge in this delicious aroma whenever you feel like a heart warming touch of down home comfort. 

  • Dragon's Smoke: This fragrance is based on the well-known incense dragon's blood, it is a wonderfully complex aromatic blend, sensuous, romantic, lushly evocative. The notes of sandalwood and amber have been combined with more than twenty other essences to form a scent as deep and alluring as it is enchanted. Come close to the dragon and scent its smoke, the experience will be memorable!

  • Frosted Pines: The scent of fragrant evergreen trees fill your senses when you in hale this wonderful aroma. Perfect for anyone who loves the scent of pines, steeping yourself in this woodland fragrance is a truly relaxing and uplifting treat! 

  • Lavender Meadow: Envelop yourself in this wonderful aroma in all of its fragrant perfection when you shower with this fabulous tablet. Experience the true clean scent of English lavender ... no added floral or green notes. Simply the pure, relaxing, revitalizing scent of fresh lavender.

  • Olivia: This evocative scent is sure to captivate coffee and chocolate lovers, and most of all those enthralled to café mocha.  Decadent chocolate and strong fragrant espresso are two sensuous scents that when blended together are even more luscious and irresistible.  Best of all, you can enjoy a shot in your morning shower or revel in it when you take a late night bath, without ever worrying that your favourite "drink" will keep you awake. If you have met Olivia Taylor Jones, the compelling, complex and winning heroine of Kelley Armstrong's Cainsville series, than you know that one luxury she indulges in (even under the most difficult circumstances) is her café mochas.  I feel that this well balanced chocolate coffee scent is one she would thoroughly enjoy, and therefore have named it in tribute to a remarkable lady of modern fiction!  

  • Racing Club: This evocative aroma is very masculine. With notes of cognac and richly fragrant tobacco, hints of leather and wood, this is the perfect scent for a man to enjoy wearing, and his lady to appreciate!

  • Scent Of Moonlight: "The scent of tuberose assailed him, full of delicate associations; in China it was called "the smell of moonlight." -- Lost Horizon By James Hilton. This is an elegant soft fragrance, delicately floral with a hint of sweetness. The aroma of tuberose will enchant you, ... after all what could be more sensuously magical, more provocatively romantic, than the Scent Of Moonlight?

  • Sophie: This fragrance is redolent with the warm rich scent of cinnamon blended with vanilla and hints of other spices. It was named for Jennifer Crusie’s Heroine Sophie from the novel Welcome To Temptation. Sophie is lusciously lovely to look at with a surprisingly sensual side which she has hidden from everyone, including herself. Her personality is equally beautiful, warm and generous, as a result this scent would suit her complex loving character . I can easily imagine her wearing it, the perfect match to her lavender scented shampoo. Like Sophie this fragrance has distinctive top notes and it would be easy to miss its rich complexity. But once you take the time to get to know it you will be delighted with its rich smooth blend of aromatic scents.

  • Strawberry Daiquiri: Smell them: ripe, lusciously sweet, juicy red strawberries! Help yourself to extra. This treat is calorie free.!

Wishing you a soapy good time! 

For more information on all our soap and a full list of ingredients please visit the Bath and Body product page.

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Canada Day Felted Goat's Milk Soap Kit - Large Bar - 150g

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