Help Plant A Tree!

Les Belles Bouclettes is proud to be supporting Forests Ontario!

Thanks to our dear customers, last year (2018, our first year working directly with Forests Ontario) we were able to plant five trees!! 

Thank you All for helping to keep Ontario Green!

While we are excited about the funds we raised last year, we wanted to plant even more trees in 2019.  Since January we have changed the way we apportion donations.  Please check below to see how your purchase will help Ontario's forests to keep growing!

By buying a Les Belles Bouclettes' crocheting or knitting kit you will be donating to Forests Ontario!: 

  • For the sale of every Kit with a value upto $50, a donation of $1.00 is made!  (One dollar is a quarter of the cost of planting a tree!)
  • For the sale of Kits costing from $50-$100, a $2.00 donation is made!  (Covering the cost of half a tree!)
  • Plant A Whole Tree! For kits priced at $100+, a $4.00 donation is made, paying to have a tree planted!

Forests Ontario's mission is to restore "forests in ecologically significant areas, ensuring the health of our environment for generations to come".

Thank You for joining with us to help keep our trees growing! 

Forests Ontario charitable registration number: 898572862 RR0001 (Registered under Trees Ontario.)