• Kookaburra Scour Raw Wool Cleaner-Les Belles Bouclettes

  • We washed our mohair fleeces and locks with Kookaburra Scour and they have turned out beautifully. 
  • By doing one to three washes (depending of the cleanliness of the fleeces) and one rinse, the fleeces were really clean and soft. 

We are more than happy to recommend this product. 

Kookaburra Scour effectively cleans raw wool and other natural fibers. The concentrated formula lifts “grease” and dirt from fibers reducing your processing time and limiting “re-washing” and eliminating required multiple rinses (Scour is rinse optional), cutting water usage. This makes this product an earth friendly option not only by savings on the water and detergent usage but with its all natural ingredients ( no peroxide, alkali, phosphates, or enzymes ) and the fact that it is totally biodegradable. 

For more information, here is the official link of the product Kookaburra Scour

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Kookaburra Scour Raw Wool Cleaner

  • C$5.00

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