The yarn used to knit these socks was spun with mohair fibre plus wool and nylon.  While giving softness and lustre to the blend, mohair also gives added strength to the fabric. There is good reason for calling mohair nature's nylon ; a fabric lucky enough to contain it is light while being surprisingly strong and durable.
Wool has a resilience that mohair lacks, which helps garments made with wool to spring back into their original size and shape after washing.  Nylon gives additional strength to this exceptional blend.
These thick socks have been knitted for warmth and comfort.  The textured fabric makes a heavy sock which is soft and cushiony to wear, keeping your foot comfortable, dry and extra warm in your boots. These are an excellent choice for any outdoor winter activity.! 

  • Content: 60% mohair, 20% superwash Merino, 20% nylon
  • Size: Ladies 9-11 (fits shoe size 7-9), Men’s 10-13 (fits shoe size 9-12)
  • Height: calf ( approx. 20 cm - 8")
  • Care instructions: Hand wash or machine wash in cool water - wool cycle. Hang to dry
  • Colours: Natural colours
  • Made : in Canada

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Socks: Mohair + Wool + Nylon

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