Swan's Down, Worsted Weight Yarn, Novelty, Mohair-Wool blend

SWAN'S DOWN is a Worsted Weight Yarn
Super Brushed, Novelty Yarn
75% Yearling (Young) Mohair, 25% Wool

Words simply cannot describe how soft this yarn is. This is a lusciously soft light worsted weight yarn that can be worked on smaller needles to produce a luxurious, dense soft fabric. Or work it  on larger needles allowing it to bloom after washing and you will have a fluffy traditional mohair (almost angora in texture) piece.

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No matter what you make using it you are sure to adore its cuddly next-to-the-skin softness. 

These lustrous and lovely skeins were spun (in a Canadian fibre mill) using the fleeces from our young angora goats (yearling). Their fibre was blended with wool for added memory to help your garments keep their shape. 

Remember that Mohair lends itself especially well to dyeing, keeping its sheen while taking and holding dyes in clear vivid shades.

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We named our Novelty yarns for our arctic wildlife.

Yarn name: SWAN'S DOWN

What is a warmer protection from the cold and wind then a bird's down? While swans (like the Tundra Swan) are evocative of elegance.  And warmth combine with elegant beauty describe this yarn perfectly, so we couldn't think of a more fitting name.

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