Limited Edition

We love our yarn at Les Belles Bouclettes, and want to provide our crafters with the very best blend of fibres and selection of yarn weights.  In order to do this we try different blends and different weights.
In this section you'll find a results of test batches that we didn't choose to include in our permanent yarn line.  Everyone of these yarns is a high-quality blend  beautifully spun.  There is a variety of yarn weights in skeins of differing sizes.  The one thing every yarn in this category has in common is it is a one time only, once the yarns listed on this page are sold we will not be having more made.  
So enjoy sampling one of our limited edition yarns and know that the fibre creation you make with it will be unique!
( Nous parlons également français: n'hésitez pas a  nous contacter pour toutes questions, commentaires ou informations supplémentaires. )  

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Worsted Yarn 3 ply, Mohair + Merino / Kay- Les Belles Bouclettes

Kay: Worsted Weight Yarn, 3 ply, Mohair + Merino

KAYWorsted Weight Yarn 3 ply50% Mohair, 50% Merino182 m / 140 g (200 yd / 4.9 oz) LIMITED EDITI..


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