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Novelty Yarn

Novelty Yarn

These yarns are soft and create a lovely warm fabric with wonderful texture.  Great for knitting accessories like scarves, hats, shawls or any fancy creations.
Looking for the perfect idea to make the most of our gorgeous yarn? Checkout our Fibre Inspirations page! You'll find photos of some of the projects we've made, links to the patterns shown, along with a few tips we hope may help you get started on your creative journey.
The yarns in this category are named for our arctic wildlife. This region with its surprisingly wide diversity of plants, animals and birds, has so far proven to be strong and resistant in the face of many challenges, is now increasingly fragile with the threat of climate change!
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Yarn Arctic Wolf / Mohair + Wool (75/25) -Les Belles Bouclettes

Arctic Wolf: Worsted Yarn, Boucle, 3 ply, Mohair + Wool

Worsted Weight Yarn, 3 ply, BoucleARCTIC WOLF75% Mohair, 25% Wool137 m/ 125 g (150 yds / 4.4 oz)Thes..


Canada Day Set In Swan's Down -Les Belles Bouclettes

Canada Day Set In Swan's Down

Let the celebration be your inspiration!  Create your own special memory of Canada's 150th birt..


Worsted Weight Yarn Super Brushed 3 ply, Mohair + Wool / Swan's Down-Les Belles Bouclettes

Swan's Down: Worsted Weight Yarn, Super Brushed, 3 ply, Mohair + Wool

Worsted Weight Yarn, Super Brushed, 3 plySWAN'S DOWN75% Yearling Mohair, 25% Wool183 m / 110 g (200 ..


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